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I did the introduction in framework radio #780. I’ve mentioned before how much I like framework—it’s one of my favourite radio shows and podcasts. I did the intro in episode 756 and a little over two years ago had two hour-long episodes as part of framework:afield (see my post about that, or episodes #691 and #693).

Framework Radio episode cover
Framework Radio episode cover

I am also a regular donor to the show. That gets me the voiceover-free edition of the show, which comes out a couple of days early. I listen to it, then get the regular edition when it’s out and listen to it as well. Usually I listen to the voiceover-free one again, too.

As always I highly recommend the show to anyone interested in ambient music, new music, nature sounds or soundscapes of urban, rural or natural environments. Patrick McGinley makes excellent mixes. See this piece in The Wire for more about the show.

Also recommended: Field Recordings.