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Another podcast I support and recommend is Framework Radio.

welcome to framework. framework is a show consecrated to field-recording, and its use in composition. field-recording, phonography, the art of sound-hunting; open your ears and listen!

It comes out weekly and each show is a one hour mix of field recordings by one or more people from around the world. Some recordings are raw and some have been edited and transformed into musical compositions. Weeks go back and forth between shows put together by the host, Patrick McGinley, and “Framework Afield,” where the show is done by a contributor with their own recordings.

Episode 671 screen shot
Episode 671 screen shot

Framework Radio is a great show. If you’re interested in field recordings, ambient music, sound art, etc., then you probably know about the show, but if not, you’ll love it. If you’re new to that kind of thing, I recommend getting a recent episode (probably best to start with one put together by the regular host, not an Afield, to get a wider mix of sounds), putting on headphones, and spending a quiet hour listening and attending. It’s not familiar music, but it’s always interesting and often very beautiful.

(Chris Watson really likes the show too. He recommended it in something I heard on BBC Radio Four last year.)