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Guerrilla Audio 153

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Guerrilla Audio is a wonderful sound project run by Touch. Twice a month they release (available as a podcast) a short composition by Simon Fisher Turner where he combines some differents sounds he’s recorded or made. They’re each about twenty minutes long, more or less. The content, duration and frequency all work to make something that’s a fascinating semi-monthly treat treat. (And then disappears—the podcast feed only ever features the lastest show.)

I mention it in particular now because Guerrilla Audio 153 uses a field recording made at the Tate. It’s listening to art.

  1. Tate Gallery 2021. Recording of Anika Yi exhibition, “In love with the World” mixed with two recordings from the banks of the River Thames at Putney, roughly 8pm as rowers from the various clubs Riverside came in after night rowing sessions. Planes and motor bikes and waves and crew.

I’d love to see In Love with the World in person. It must be an incredible experience.

Floating in the air, her machines—called aerobes—are based on ocean life forms and mushrooms. They re-imagine artificial intelligence, and encourage us to think about new ways machines might inhabit the world. Yi has also created unique scentscapes which change weekly, with odours linked to a specific time in the history of Bankside.