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Riverdale Public Library librarian: Ms Hoskins

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“Buccaneer Buds” is a rare Archie story: a librarian is named! Ms Hoskins only appears in the first panel, where Archie tells an audience of kids at the library that she asked the gang to put on a show.

Ms Hoskins is seen and named
Ms Hoskins is seen and named

I’d have to check with children’s librarians, but this seems like something that could well happen in a public library. Possibly the high school students get some sort of credit for it, and there’s a nice audience, so it’s bringing in children.

“Buccaneer Buds” was written by George Gladir, pencilled by Bob Bolling and inked by Jim Amash (no colourist or letterer is given). I don’t know where it first appeared, but I saw it in Archie and Me (Jumbo Comics) Digest 14 (March 2019). It is copyright Archie Comic Publications.

Another named librarian is Mrs. Bell, who talked to Chuck Clayton in a Life with Archie: The Married Years issue.