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Here’s a rare sighting: the (always unnamed) librarian who works in the Riverdale High School library. She appears in the Archie story “Innocent on Paper,” which I think first appeared in Archie and Friends Double Digest Magazine 15 (June 2012). Midway through the story Ethel and Chuck are walking down the hall. Ethel asks what Chuck is doing next, and he says he has a free period: “Reggie and I are helping the librarian move some old books and papers out of her office!”

Here they are beginning their work:

School librarian seen in this panel
School librarian seen in this panel

This is an unlikely scenario: no librarian would have people move books by carrying them like this. She’d use a book truck. Book trucks are fantastic for moving lots of books around, and they are very safe. Also, she’d probably do it herself. Librarians like moving books on book trucks.

Because the story is about Archie’s contagious clumsiness, naturally Reggie and Chuck trip over something and the books and papers go all over the floor. (This is why they would have used a book truck.) The librarian gasps and says, “I feel faint!” Then in the next panel: “Whew! I’m okay now!” The librarian is portrayed as weak and helpless in the face of just a mild accident, when in real life she’d be very capable of dealing with mishaps and would immediately help.

“Innocent on Paper” was written by Mike Pellowski, pencilled by [Tim?] Kennedy, and inked by Jim Amash (with no colourist or letterer given). I read it in Archie and Me (Jumbo Comics) Digest 15 (April 2019). It is copyright Archie Comic Publications.