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Dilton smells a book in the library

archie libraries

Recent Archie comics have had several scenes in libraries. Here’s a one-page gag, “Nothing But a Hound-Dog,” about Dilton Doiley (the Riverdale boy genius):

Dilton should not be ashamed.
Dilton should not be ashamed.

I’m with Dilton on this. In fact, not only is it nice to smell new books, it’s even more interesting to smell old books. If you ever pick up a book over 100 years old, make sure you stick your nose up close and give it a good smell. If anyone sees you they may make fun of you, but they just don’t get it. Librarians, archivists, book collectors and related types get it.

The comic is most likely set in the fiction section of the Riverdale High School library, with books arranged by the last name of the author. It is unusual that the book Dilton is looking at has nothing written on the cover or the spine.

This is from Archie and Me Comics Digest 3 (February 2018). There are no credits. It is copyright by Archie Comics.