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Hiram in the library

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Here’s another Archie Comics panel in a library, but this one is different: it’s Hiram Lodge when he was a teenager. The story is “The Collector,” a two-parter, eleven pages long, where Mr. Lodge’s valuable collection of baseball memorabilia, which he has been collecting since he was a boy, is stolen. Spoiler: Archie figures out who did it.

This panel is from Mr. Lodge’s flashback describing how much time he spent on his collection when he was young.

A young Hiram Lodge.
A young Hiram Lodge.

“210–270” is a Dewey Decimal Classification range. The 200s are for religion (almost entirely Christianity, reflecting the origins of the system).

“The Collector” was written by George Gladir, pencilled by Stan Goldberg, inked by Mike Esposito, coloured by Barry Grossman and lettered by Bill Yoshida. It is copyright by Archie Comics. I read it in Archie Comics Double Digest 264 (January 2018), but it originally appeared in Life with Archie 284 (May 1991).