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Jamming at Philip Glass's

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I’m a regular listener to Intercepted, a podcast from The Intercept. (See the Wikipedia page about it for some background.) In the latest episode, There’s Something About Jared, there’s an unexpected mention of Philip Glass:

Jeremy Scahill: This week, my friend, Leo Heiblum, is visiting New York. Leo is originally from Mexico, and he is an incredible musician and composer. He and I got to know each other several years ago when Leo was working with the actor Gael García Bernal on a documentary film about a undocumented immigrant who makes a journey through Central America and ends up in the United States, and then is found dead in the Arizona desert. That film was called “Who is Dayani Cristal?” It’s a great film. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. Well, Leo did the score and the music for that excellent film. And then this other musical artist, singer/composer Tenzin Choegyal, who is a Tibetan living in exile — they met each other just the other night. And then they came into our studio to perform together, and — well, I’ll just shut up, and I’ll let them introduce themselves and the song that they’re gonna share with us.

Leo Heiblum: My name is Leo Heiblum, and I’m from Mexico City — “Chilango” from Mexico.

Tenzin Choegyal: I’m Tenzin Choegyal, a Tibetan in exile and now living in Australia.

Leo Heiblum: I am staying at Philip Glass’ house here in New York, which is where I usually stay, and that’s a great place to meet friends and musicians. And I was just there with my instrument and playing the tabla, and Tenzin came, and we just started jamming. And now we’re playing together.

I imagine that if one ever stays at Philip Glass’s house that is exactly the kind of thing that happens.

The whole episode is worth listening to, but if you just want to get to their performance of The Partisan (made famous, at least to me, by Leonard Cohen), then jump to about 20 minutes in.