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The Great Eastern: Introduction to Library Science


I’m now listening to season four of The Great Eastern (1997–1998) and heard this in episode two, voiced by the usual promo announcer with his warm rich voice:

Shhh! This Monday at ten, pay a visit to the information desk when University of the Air presents Dr. Dana Burton’s “Introduction to Library Science:” “The Joy of Reference,” “Put a Hold on This,” and “Mummy, What’s a Card Catalogue?” Dr. Burton also looks at library administration in the current fiscal climate: outstanding fines and the use of goon squads, turning user data into direct marketing millions, and profitable things to do with those old books that nobody reads any more. Lost in the stacks? Don’t get all dewey-eyed and decimal about it. You’re overdue for University of the Air’s “Introduction to Library Science,” this Monday at ten o’clock, only on BCN 520.

A classic and perfectly representative example.