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Raymond Briggs

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The Raymond Briggs episode of Desert Island Discs is wonderful. This quote stood out to me, where Sue Lawley and he are talking about the different kinds of work involved in doing graphic novels:

It’s like making a film: you write the script and then you become the director and decide who comes on from the left, who comes on from the right, and who speaks first and so on.

This reminded me of something my mother, Kady MacDonald Denton, said in a 2007 interview on CBC Radio One after winning the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award for Snow.

A picture book is a unique art form. It is the two languages, the visual and the spoken, put together. It’s sort of like a—almost like a frozen theatre in a way. You open the cover of the books, the curtain goes up, the drama ensues.