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A few days ago a friend mentioned she’d picked up a book by Elisabeth Russell Taylor, based on her introduction to a book by Elizabeth Taylor (not that Elizabeth Taylor). (I’ve been reading some Elizabeth Taylor recently myself, and would recommend Angel (1957) and Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont (1971).)

Cover of In a Summer Season
Cover of In a Summer Season

I had a vague memory of seeing a book by Elisabeth Russell Taylor once, and was curious to know more about her. I did what I always do: I looked her up on Wikipedia.

She had no Wikipedia entry. So I created one: Elisabeth Russell Taylor. I spent about an hour on it late one night, pasting in a partial bibliography, setting up the infobox, putting in a reference to her Guardian obit but not citing it, and adding some categories and the authority control template. (It looked like this when I was done.)

I woke up the next morning to several notifications from Wikipedia. Someone had unpublished the page and made it a draft, saying it wasn’t ready for publication! Someone else undid that and made it live again! I thanked him. That night I made some edits, added some citations, and it’s a decent stub now. The difficulty in getting it started was much less than I’d feared: see the article creation and deletion section of Wikipedia’s entry on gender bias on Wikipedia for more.

Here’s an odd thing: there used to be a page about Elisabeth Russell Taylor, but it was deleted when everything created by a sock puppet account was wiped. The history log for the page shows that it was created and reviewed in January 2021 and then deleted in November. I can’t figure out how to get to the previous version, but there’s this strange archived version on another site. It was a decent entry! I don’t know about the account that made it, but this particular entry was a solid beginning and was an unfortunate side effect of the mass deletion. I referred to it when making my own updates.

Soon I’ll read one of her novels.