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More on Donna Summer and the Dance


Here’s another example of something I noticed ending up in the newsletter of a literary society devoted to a writer I like, in this case the Anthony Powell Society. Back in August 2020 in Donna Summer and the Dance I reported on something I’d heard on BBC Radio Four’s Great Lives. I also mentioned it on the mailing list for the society. Guy Robinson noticed that, dug into the matter some more, and wrote it up for Newsletter 87 (Summer 2022):

During lockdown I was struggling psychologically somewhat—as we all were—and like many others sought succour from the AP List. Imagine my delight when in September 2020 I spotted a post from William Denton highlighting Dance as an inspiration for Donna Summer’s I Remember Yesterday album from 1977 and therefore with her greatest hit ‘I Feel Love’. At last—my dream of a link between AP and 70’s disco had been established! Obviously, this required investigation in more detail.