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Dinosaurs and humans


Did dinosaurs and humans coexist, as controversial Sask. textbook claims? We asked an expert. This CBC story is about recent events with the Legacy Christian Academy in Saskatoon, a fundamentalist evangelical school that uses the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. It sounds like an absolutely terrible school, as this earlier story shows. It’s Stockwell Day-type creationist nonsense.

The piece says:

The government opposition read from a biology textbook used at an independent Saskatchewan school that read, in part, “scientific evidence tends to support the idea that men and dinosaurs existed at the same time.”

A CBC radio host talked to a paleontologist, who gives good answers to a bunch of questions that don’t need asking.

But they both keep saying dinosaurs only existed in the past! Of course, we know what they mean, but one of the astounding things about dinosaurs is that they didn’t go extinct. They walk (and fly and swim) among us today! Humans and dinosaurs do coexist! We just call them “birds” now. It’s important to remember this, and that this understanding has only come about in the last few decades. Our knowledge of life tens and hundreds of millions of years ago continues to grow.