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The article retraction I mentioned in June is now in the Retraction Watch Database under my name: William Denton. (There’s no ID number for or way to link directly to one particular retraction, as far as I can see.) My thanks to the Retraction Watch staff for adding it.

I wish the data was available under an open license. The user guide says, “In order to fund our continued operations now that our grants have ended, we will be licensing the data to commercial entities. Therefore, while we are happy to make the entire Retraction Watch Database (RWDB) available as a CSV file to scholars, journalists and others who plan to publish their findings, publishing the entire dataset is prohibited, as is scraping the site. Please contact us to secure access to the dataset by signing our data use agreement on behalf of an institution.” Maybe one day some reliable funding will be found so it can be released as open data, which such a database should be.