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Alfred Stieglitz hurts his finger and goes to emergency

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From episode 536 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast, with Barbara Bloemink interviewed about Florine Stettheimer, about whom she has written a biography: Florine Stettheimer: A Biography.

A very funny story—the reason I found Stettheimer—is, my professors all wanted me to work on Homer or Eakins for my PhD, and I was reading a letter from O’Keeffe because I was determined to work on a woman. The letter was about how her husband, Stieglitz, hurt his finger pulling on his underwear after taking a bath in the bathroom. She wanted him to just put a popsicle stick and a tape on it and go to Lake George with her, but he insisted on going to the emergency room, and after several hours of just sitting there, they finally found a doctor, who put a popsicle stick and a tape on it. She wrote to this woman, Florine Stettheimer, “Aren’t men ridiculous?” So I went to find who Florine Stettheimer was.

Stettheimer’s works are the subject of two issues of Listening to Art: volume four number nine, Picnic at Bedford Hills and volume four number ten, Portrait of Marcel Duchamp. Georgia O’Keeffe is featured in volume two number seven, Black Door with Red.