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Indigenous teaching and learning librarian position at York University Libraries

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A new job posting just went up at York University Libraries for an Indigenous teaching and learning librarian (PDF), who will be in the Student Learning and Academic Success department. Applications are due by 01 February 2022.

York University Libraries (YUL) seeks a dynamic and innovative individual to collaborate on the advancements of York University Libraries’ portfolio in support of the teaching and learning community across campus and beyond with a focus on information literacy in both in-person and online teaching environments. The successful candidate will focus on incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing and knowledge systems and Indigenous pedagogy into information literacy practices, instruction, and initiatives. This continuing appointment position is open to those with some critical understanding of ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

My Interviewing at York University Libraries page is a little out of date (setting aside the pandemic and that we’ve been doing interviews online), but is still good about York and the whole search process. If anyone has any questions about the interview or working at York I’m glad to help or to recommend a colleague.