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First gig

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The last show of any kind I was at before the pandemic was at my favourite used bookstore, Sellers and Newel, as part of the Sellers and Newel Literary Society series. It was a great gig, with about forty people jammed together, the band up close, and all of us surrounded by books.

Four jazzmen blowing up a storm
Four jazzmen blowing up a storm

Eighteen months later, my next show was again put on by the Society. This time it was outside, at the end of the block, with Richard Underhill on alto, Tim Hamel on trumpet, George Koller on electric bass and Great Bob Scott on percussion.

It was a blast, sitting out on the sidewalk as they did lively uptempo takes on “Sunny,” “Cantaloupe Island,” “Lovely Day,” “Sunshine Superman” and one or two others in their first set. Nice riffing. At one point Underhill danced across College Street to pass the hat at the patios there while Hamel played in the street and the rhythm section kept the groove under the tent.

One day I’ll be back inside at a gig.