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First vaccination shot


I got my first vaccination shot just over two weeks ago. It was the Oxford-AstraZeneca, which the province stopped using a few days ago, but hell, I’m happy to have one shot of anything, and I’ll be happy with whatever next one I get.

Photo of a masked cheerful me
Photo of a masked cheerful me

I’m very much not happy with Ontario premier Doug Ford or his cabinet, who have done a staggeringly bad job of handling the pandemic. A combination of stupidity, incompetence and corruption led to the deaths of thousands of Ontarians and the sickness of many, many more. All of this is on their hands, with Ford bearing ultimate responsibility.

The process behind getting the shot was ridiculous. I’d signed up at various pharmacies but had no hopes anything was going to happen soon. My sister was watching @VaxHuntersCan on Twitter and saw one day that a Shoppers Drug Mart in Vaughan had openings the next day. I followed the link immediately and was able to book. I was also lucky enough to be able to take time off work and rent a car so I could drive forty-five minutes there and forty-five minutes back in the middle of the afternoon. Everything about that process is wrong.

About my mask: that’s my fancy mask for special occasions. It was made by David Dunkley, a milliner who started making masks last year. They are great, and he made me several bespoke masks, with fabrics of my choice, made larger to suit my head size and beard. I plan to get a hat from him when things are more normal. He usually makes women’s hat, but as he said, “I can make any hat you want.” He also adjusted my deerstalker, which was a size too small, and now it fits perfectly. I highly recommend him for anything about hats! He’s an expert and does outstanding work.