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Sweet Treat

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In “Sweet Treat!” we see Betty’s committed involvement at the Riverdale Public Library. It starts with two friendly librarians (an older white woman with glasses (and brown hair, not grey) and a youngish Black woman) admiring Betty’s volunteer work helping with the library’s programs for teens.

Librarians admire Betty's library volunteer work
Librarians admire Betty's library volunteer work

(You’ll notice this looks different from usual. It has a “new look,” but I don’t know if it’s the new look.)

Betty’s helped Archie with math. He’s grateful and wants to take her to Pop’s and a movie, but has no money. Betty tells him about one of the programs she’s helped start at the library: a free movie day for teens, with free popcorn and ice cream! But she can’t watch with him because she has to train some new teen volunteers (one of whom is Nancy).

Cover of Betty 190
Cover of Betty 190

Back at the library, the older librarian thanks Betty for all the work she’s done—the librarian is happy with all the teens coming in. But while Betty’s working, Archie and Veronica are having a cuddle and enjoying the free snacks, so once again Betty loses out.

Betty’s library work even made the cover of Betty 190.

This is a great story about engaging teens at the library. The librarians found an excellent volunteer in Betty, they encouraged her ideas and then helped implement them, and the results are very successful. Everyone’s happy and everyone benefits.

“Sweet Treat!” first appeared in Betty 190 (April 2011) but I read it in Betty and Veronica (Jumbo Comics) Double Digest 260 (March 2018). It was written by George Gladir, pencilled by Tim and Pat Kennedy, inked by Mike DeCarlo, coloured by Digikore Studios and lettered by Jack Morelli. It is copyright Archie Comic Publications.