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Fundraising for new library wing

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In “Computer Recruiter” Archie and the gang are raising money for a new wing for the library. Archie asks Jughead to come help them at the car wash they’re doing (which wouldn’t raise much money, but is a good strategy because it shows support and involvement from Riverdale teens), but Jughead is too busy writing a computer program (on what seems to be a minicomputer). Next we learn Mr. Lodge is having trouble writing a program to manage his investments, and Archie suggests Jughead could do it.

Panel showing proposed new wing
Panel showing proposed new wing

Archie (of course) mixes up the floppy disks and gives Mr. Lodge the basketball program and Coach Clayton the finance program. Both are initially confused by the terminology in the advice they’re given, but translate it, follow it and are successful.

Mr. Lodge is so delighted he says he’ll pay for the new library wing. It’s not specified, but this must be for the public library—the school library wouldn’t get a new wing. People all say “the library” so it seems in this story there is only one library building in Riverdale.

“Computer Recruiter” first appeared in Jughead 334 (June 1984), but I read it in World of Archie (Jumbo Comics) Double Digest 94 (January 2020). It was written by George Gladir and drawn and lettered by Samm Schwartz (who did the best Jugheads). It is copyright Archie Comic Publications.