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Veronica declines to go to the library

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“For Veronica’s Eyes Only” has a one-panel mention of a library. In the story, Betty and Veronica admire Justin Tanley (one of those Riverdale High Students who only appears once), who is very handsome and very intelligent. He only goes for smart girls, who all happen to wear glasses, so Veronica starts to wear glasses to attract his attention. The glasses, which belonged to her college professor great-grandmother, have some sort of supernatural power that makes her want to study more, and she starts to get excellent marks. This attracts Justin.

Justin invites Veronica to the library.
Justin invites Veronica to the library.

Veronica declines because she is going to the museum to study fossils.

The story shows that the public library is used by students as a study space after school is out.

“For Veronica’s Eyes Only” first appeared in Veronica #125 (June 2002), but I read it in B&V Friends (Jumbo Comics) Double Digest #275 (December 2019). It was written by Dan Parent, pencilled by Jeff Schultz, inked by Al Milgrom, coloured by Barry Grossman and lettered by Bill Yoshida.