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Last month I sent someone a surprise present through the post. It cost $11.70 to mail it at the cheapest rate. I didn’t hear anything from them about it, but assumed I would when next I saw them in person.

Last week I got a notice from Canada Post that there was a parcel to be picked up. It was the present I’d sent! It had gone unclaimed and so they were returning it to me.

I had to pay $11.70 to cover the cost of it being returned to me.

Now I’ve spent $23.40 for the damn thing to be mailed from the middle of Toronto to the middle of Toronto (possibly via Missisauga or Scarborough) and back again.

Shapes on orange wall.
Shapes on orange wall.

I’ll see the recipient in person next week and hand the worn envelope over in person.

I like sending things by post, but Canada Post never makes it easy, and it always gets more expensive.

Also, the web site has so many trackers it won’t work with my privacy settings (so I use Tor).

Screenshot listing Canada Post web trackers
Screenshot listing Canada Post web trackers