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My Pen Addict question

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I was delighted to hear my “Ask TPA” question asked on the new episode of The Pen Addict podcast.

I use a Filofax for my daily calendar, and I use my fountain pens in it. Being a calendar, things change. Sometimes I write something in and then I cancel it or the date moves. When that happens, I’ve been using Bic Wite-Out tape to cover up what was written, but it’s really hard to write on top of this. The nib gets gummed up and scratches the tape stuff. Is there anything better I can do except paste in small labels? What’s the best way to make corrections with fountain pens?

Thanks for any help. Thanks also for telling us Torontonians how big our pen show is! I had no idea how it compared to American shows.

(My Filofax is “personal” size (14 cm wide by 20 cm high) and zips up around the edges. It’s great. I use a cream-coloured week-on-two-pages calendar and have a bunch of different inserts.)

Brad Dowdy didn’t know the answer but hoped that a listener might have a suggestion. So do I.

I recommend The Pen Addict podcast to all fountain pen enthusiasts. The first time I tried it, I thought, “Two guys talking about fountain pens for an hour every week? Really?” Turns out that’s what everyone thinks. Then most of them start enjoying it and it becomes a regular weekly treat. There are other podcasts about pens and stationery but this is the only one I’ve stuck with.