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Archie returns books to the library

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“Raking It In” is an Archie story with a bit of Tom-Sawyer-paint-the-fence to it. Mr. Andrews tells Archie to go out and rake the yard, which Archie does, but then he suddenly remembers he has to return books to the library before they’re overdue, and the library is only open half the day. He gets Jughead to rake the leaves for him, then Ethel rakes them for Jug, then Betty rakes them for Ethel (hoping it’ll mean Archie kisses her).

In the middle of all that, Mr. Andrews is downtown and is surprised to see Archie not at home.

Panel from the comic.
Panel from the comic.

There only ever seems to be one branch of the Riverdale Public Library in the comics. None of them ever have a special name, even though they can look very different. This one is downtown in a good-sized city.

“Raking It In” first appeared in Archie 513 (October 2001), but I read it in Archie (Jumbo Comics) Double Digest 293 (December 2018). It was written by Greg Crosby, pencilled by Stan Goldberg, inked by Bob Smith and lettered by Bill Yoshida. No colourist is listed. “Raking It In” is copyright Archie Comic Publications.