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The Wobblies on STAPLR

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I’m running “The Wobblies” on STAPLR this month. STAPLR (Sounds in Time Actively Performing Library Reference) is my sonification of activity at the reference and help desks at York University Libraries.

Here’s a one-hour sample, heard starting at 1211 on Friday 01 February 2019.

Download the MP3 audio file if you like.

STAPLR cover
STAPLR cover

STAPLR uses Sonic Pi to make its sounds. The composition is named after The Wobblies because it randomly chooses between two Sonic Pi synths, :mod_dsaw and :mod_pulse, both of which sound wobbly. For the mapping of data to sound I ignore everything about the desk interaction except how long it took, which determines how long the sound is. Where it happened and what type of question it was are ignored.

Right now it’s version 1.5 of “The Wobblies,” and I may change it through the month, but it’ll sound much the same.