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Archie library mention in That Human Touch

archie libraries

There’s a mention of a library in the Archie story “That Human Touch” from Archie at Riverdale High #6 (April 1973), which I read in the recent Archie at Riverdale High reprint collection.

In this story, Archie’s parents are remembering how they met at Riverdale High, and say they got up to some antics, though nothing like what “Wild Willie” did. Naturally Archie wants to know who this was, and he tells the gang. Mr. Weatherbee overhears them and gets upset—because he was Wild Willie!

In one panel, Betty says, “I wonder who this Wild Willie was?” Jughead: “Maybe he’s somebody we know!” Archie (snapping his fingers): “The library!”

But then:

Mr Weatherbee in front of the Riverdale High library
Mr Weatherbee in front of the Riverdale High library

(Note that this forbidding windowless wooden door does not match doors to the Riverdale High School library in other stories.)

Dilton soon finds some old yearbooks and reveals that Mr. Weatherbee was Wild Willie. Everyone is very impressed with their cool principal, and the Bee is relieved.

“That Human Touch” was written by Frank Doyle, pencilled by Stan Goldberg, inked by Jon D’Agostino, lettered by Bill Yoshida and coloured by Barry Grossman. It is copyright Archie Comic Publications.