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Archie in "Ace Place"

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“Ace Place” is one of those one-page Archie gags. The title has been used many times for different stories, and I’m not sure when this one was first printed, but I saw it in Archie (Jumbo Comics) Double Digest 289 (July 2018).

Jughead and Archie are at the Riverdale Public Library (there is a sign) and Jug remarks that Arch is there every day now. Archie says that “this branch” (worth noting the mention of multiple branches) has a great movie and CD collection and all the latest magazines. Then:

Archie digs the cute librarian.
Archie digs the cute librarian.

“Ace Place” is copyright Archie Comic Publicatons. As is usually the case with the one-pag gags in current digests, no credits are given.