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Interviewing at York University Libraries

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Something new: Interviewing at York University Libraries is, as it says at the top, “everything I can think of about the hiring process for librarians and archivists at York University Libraries (YUL) that might be useful to someone interviewing for a job.”

A couple of months ago an old friend got in touch because he knew someone who was up for a job at YUL and asked if I could give them the inside scoop on what happens at interviews. I was happy to do it, and told everything I could. Then I got to thinking about the other candidates (their names had been posted internally) and thought to be fair I should see if they wanted any tips. However, I wasn’t going to email them at their current workplace. Two had no personal web presence; the other requested everyone be in touch through Twitter. I gave up.

To stop this from happening again, I decided to write down everything here so everyone has equal access.

It may also be of interest to other academic library workers who want to compare hiring processes.