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Betty goes to the library in "A Tale of Two Papers"

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In “A Tale of Two Papers,” which I read in Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics 262 (June 2018), Ms Grundy assigns everyone an essay about gardening. Betty gets off to a good start by going to the library to do some research, but ends up only getting a D+ while Veronica gets an A.

Panel from A Tale of Two Papers
Panel from A Tale of Two Papers

There’s a later panel of Archie talking to Betty in what I think is the school library, too.

This story was written by Kathleen Webb, whose Betty and Veronica stories are some of the best of the recent comics. They’re always witty and the dialogue between Betty and Veronica is far better than the male writers do. This story ends with the fourth wall breaking and Webb herself talking to the reader.

It was originally published in Betty and Veronica 170, and was pencilled by Jeff Shultz, inked by Henry Scarpelli, coloured by Barry Grossman and lettered by Bill Yoshida. It is copyright Archie Comics Publications.