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I came across a Little Archie story that mentions the Riverdale Public Library. This is “Book Look,” reprinted in Jokebook Comics Digest Annual 4 (1979). The librarian here is an old white-haired woman with pince-nez, like the one in “The Chompian.”

Copyright Archie Comics Publications
Copyright Archie Comics Publications

The title of the book is hard to see: it’s How to Understand Children. The gag is that Archie thinks Miss Grundy, his teacher, should have it. Now known as Ms Grundy, she is still teaching Archie and the gang in high school.

There are no credits on this comic, but it looks like it was originally printed in The Adventures of Little Archie 36 (1965) and was written and pencilled by Dexter Taylor. It is copyright Archie Comics Publications.