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Two more Archie libraries

archie libraries

The Riverdale Public Library and Riverdale High School library each appear in B & V Friends (Jumbo Comics) Double Digest 256 (November 2017).

“A Woman with Couth” is one of those stories where Betty decides she isn’t good enough for Archie and tries to change to be more attractive. It was written by Greg Crosby, pencilled by Stan Goldberg, inked by John Lowe, coloured by Barry Grossman and lettered by Bill Yoshida. It’s copyright by Archie Comics. I don’t know when it first appeared.

No lions this time.
No lions this time.

This time Betty overhears Archie say he likes Veronica because she’s elegant and sophisticated. In her research about how to get more classy, Betty goes to the public library. The entrance here is much smaller than we saw in “The Chompian”, which has broad steps and two lion statues, but maybe that’s the main branch and Betty’s gone to a neighbourhood branch. Could Riverdale have more than one public library branch? Definitely. Riverdale can have anything.

“Under Cover of Darkness” is written by Kathleen Webb (one of very few women writers; her stories are very good), pencilled by Jeff Shultz, inked by Henry Scarpelli, coloured by Barry Grossman and lettered by Vickie Williams. It first appeared in Betty and Veronica 203 (December 2004) and is also copyright by Archie Comics.

In this story Betty is admired for her new style of dressing, and she talks about it with some friends in the school library.

In the Riverdale High library.
In the Riverdale High library.

In a previous post I showed what was the first proof I’d found that the high school library existed, but “Mop Up” didn’t go into the library. Now we get to see it, and it looks like a normal school library.

I don’t know who Brandy is. She’s not on Wikipedia’s List of Archie Comics characters.