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LineageOS update


Recently I got caught up with LineageOS updates to my phone. (LineageOS is the free and open source version of Android.) It’s now dead easy for me to keep current with the weekly updates.

First I upgraded TWRP, following the same process I used in March when I installed LineageOS for the first time. Then I installed the Official TWRP App from the Play Store, which means I can update TWRP with this app instead of getting close to the metal. TWRP updates happen rarely, but if the process can be easier, great.

Next, I used the app to get the latest d2att image (I had to download it in a browser, but that was easy) and install it. I didn’t have to boot into recovery.

Up to date with LineageOS.
Up to date with LineageOS.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been checking for updates (Settings > About phone > LineageOS updates), and each week when the new one shows up, I download it and tap “Install” and TWRP takes care of everything for me. I still have the same problem where a soft reboot hangs the the first time, so I need to force the power off and do a cold restart. It gives me a frisson of anxiety every time, but it always works.

LineageOS has made my five-year-old Samsung Galaxy S3 better than ever. Highly recommended.