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York U job: head of science library / physical sciences librarian

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At York University Libraries, where I work, there is a search on right now for Physical Sciences Librarian and Head of Steacie Science and Engineering Library.

The deadline for applications is 2 June 2017. If you know a librarian with a background in the physical sciences who might be looking for a job, please send them the link.

I’m on the search committee, so I can’t give any tips, but I’ll point out a few things:

  • York University pays well. For historical pay equity reasons there’s a sort of grid that determines salaries based on the year one got one’s MLIS, so there’s no bargaining that will happen. Someone who got their MLIS in 2007, ten years ago, could expect to make about $120,000.
  • Librarians are in the York University Faculty Association (a union that takes social and progressive issues very seriously) and have academic status.
  • The benefits are good.
  • Americans are welcome to apply. (In Canada health care is publicly funded, etc.)
  • York University is an exciting place to work!
  • The strategic plan mentioned in the ad is a little hard to find on our site, so have a look.
  • There’s an affirmative action plan in place, and in this search we added this to the standard paragraph: “People with disabilities and Aboriginal people are priorities in the York University Libraries Affirmative Action plan and are especially encouraged to apply. Consideration will also be given to those who have followed non-traditional career paths or had career interruptions.” We mean it.

If you want to find out more about York and what the job would be like, email me at wdenton@yorku.ca and I can put you in touch with someone not on the search committee.