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Climate change podcasts

climate.change podcasts

Here’s a list of five podcasts about climate change—all the ones I know. Two are new, another new to me; only one (Radio Ecoshock) have I been following for a while. If you know of others, I’d like to hear about them.

  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby (RSS): new, from an American lobby group; aimed at people trying to change the situation, with a positive approach.
  • Forecast (RSS): Nature’s climate science editor interviews climate scientists in depth.
  • Momentum for Change (RSS): “a twice-monthly podcast profiling positive, transformative climate action stories from across the globe” from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Short updates from around the world.
  • Radio Ecoshock (RSS): a concerned and informed nonscentist interviews scientists and writers; wide-ranging and interesting, and the interviewees get to speak at length; frank acknowledgment of the grim situation that is only getting worse.
  • Warm Regards (RSS): hosted by a meteorologist who works for Slate with a paleoecologist and a journalist; it’s new, the first two episodes are very chatty.