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He knew the past, which is sometimes much worse


I’m rereading the Three Musketeers saga by Alexandre Dumas—one of the greatest of all works of literature—and just re-met a quote I wrote down when I first read it. It’s from chapter twenty-seven of Twenty Years After (Vingt ans après), and is about Urbain Grandier, but I’ll leave out his name to strengthen it:

“[He] was not a sorceror, but a learned man, which is quite another thing. He did not foretell the future. He knew the past, which is sometimes much worse.”

In the original, it reads:

“[Il] n’était pas un sorcier, c’était un savant, ce qui est tout autre chose. [Il] ne prédisait pas l’avenir. Il savait le passé, ce qui quelquefois est bien pis.”