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I closed my LinkedIn account


Tonight I read All LinkedIn with Nowhere to Go by Ann Friedman (The Baffler 23; it's worth subscribing to this great journal) and realized that I'd had an account on LinkedIn for years but had never used it for anything, didn't need it and would never "use" it, however one uses it. (Years ago when I first signed up and connected with an old university friend, he said, "So what do we do know? Hire each other?") On top of that, it's a closed platform, and I don't like closed platforms.

My home view on LinkedIn

That's my home view on LinkedIn. Why would I ever want to look at it? It's useless. This is my profile:

My profile on LinkedIn

I appreciate that people I know took their time to recommend me for things ... but the entire endeavour makes no sense. We're all endorsing each other for useless categories without knowing why we're doing it.

So I deleted my account. No, actually I "closed" it:

Deleting my account, part 1

They wanted to know why:

Deleting my account, part 2