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Of the sixty-nine issues of Listening to Art published (the latest came out two days ago), due to the COVID-19 closures only five works of art are publicly accessible now. If you’re missing the experience of being in a gallery, audio field recordings will bring it back to you.

These locations are closed (the counts are how many recordings were made there):

  • National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa): 13
  • Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto): 12
  • Louvre (Paris): 5
  • Albright-Knox Art Gallery (Buffalo): 4
  • Museum of Modern Art (New York): 4
  • Galleria Borghese (Rome): 3
  • Musée d’Orsay (Paris): 3
  • Royal Academy of Arts (London): 3
  • National Gallery of Ireland (Dublin): 2
  • Whitney Museum of American Art (New York): 2
  • Wallace Collection (London): 2
  • Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna (Rome): 2
  • Capitoline Museums (Rome): 2
  • Arts and Letters Club of Toronto: 1
  • Musée National d’Art Moderne (Paris): 1
  • Palazzo Barberini (Rome): 1
  • York University Libraries (Toronto): 1
National Gallery of Canada is closed
National Gallery of Canada is closed

These locations are still accessible:

  • outside the Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto): 2
  • Church of Saint-Sulpice (Paris): 1
  • Toronto City Hall (Toronto): 1
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (Toronto): 1

Nuit Blanche (Toronto) is a one-night-a-year event; who knows if it will happen this fall. There are also two private collections which are also closed to visitors.