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CUPE 3903 strike over

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The CUPE 3903 strike at York University is finally over, ended on day 143 when Bill 2, the Urgent Priorities Act passed. It’s an omnibus bill the new Conservative government introduced: part of it is back-to-work legislation called Back to Class Act (York University), 2018.

Cars stopped at picket line in March
Cars stopped at picket line in March

David Doorey’s The Back to Class Act (York University): A Quick Summary is one place to read more about it. There will be a lot on social media, and, briefly, in the papers. CUPE and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association will mount a charter challenge, arguing that the law violates the right to strike.

The winter term is wrapping up messily and the summer terms are confused. It will be good to have everyone back in September.