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The Laurentian University Faculty Association is out on strike, which means my friend and fellow librarian Dan Scott is on strike. In fact, he’s the strike co-ordinator! Good on you, Dan! We’re with you at York, and if YUFA hasn’t sent money already, they will soon if things don’t settle. If it goes on, I’ll come up to walk the picket line.

I sent an email letter in support of my colleagues up north, and I am posting here to say I support the striking professors, librarians and archivists. The university administration is back at the table with them today, which is good news, and I hope they are able to reach a fair and equitable settlement that addresses the issues about workload, transparency and collegiality, and the learning environment at the university. These are issues we’re facing all across Canada, but going out on strike means things are really serious.

The Dan Scott Library
The Dan Scott Library

I made that image just after I started working at York University Libraries (where the main branch is the Scott Library) following a chat with Dan. Fear the shush!