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A Christmas for Bear


A Christmas for Bear, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton and written by Bonny Becker, was released yesterday. It’s the sixth in the marvellous Bear and Mouse series. It’s a wonderful book and fits perfectly with the other Bear and Mouse books, plus, of course, in this one Bear has to deal with Christmas.

'Pickles and poems!' bellowed Bear.
'Pickles and poems!' bellowed Bear.

I cannot recommend the series highly enough. I encourage everyone to get all of them, either at the bookstore or your local library. (And if your library doesn’t have them, talk to a librarian and get them to order them.)

Full disclosure: Kady MacDonald Denton is my mother.

P.S. Librarians will be especially interested in the previous book in the series, A Library Book for Bear (2014).