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The Frantics


The Frantics, the great four-man comedy troupe that did Frantic Times on CBC Radio from 1981–1984 (one of the top five best radio comedy shows of all time, in my books), is doing a Best of Frantic Times podcast. They say: “The idea behind Best of Frantic Times was to take the best of the 120 episode, 1000 plus sketches that were originally broadcast and turn them into a series of podcasts. We did not want this to be a trip down memory lane, though there will be a some of that, but a reintroduction to a show that is still funny today.” It’s as funny as ever. I recommend subscribing to the podcast to hear the best of the show in all its glory (and in good-quality audio, too). Check out the video clips on their site as well. I saw them live once and they were fantastic.